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Fog-Free™ Accessory for masks (5 PCS) -Prevent Eyeglasses From Fogging

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Mask-wearing has become an essential part of our everyday lives, but eyeglass wearers know how uncomfortable and dangerous eyeglass fog can be.

Fog-Free™ design redirects hot air out toward the sides of your mask, venting it safely away from your lenses. No more foggy glasses!

Exhaled air follows the path of least resistance. Most of the time, this path is out of the top of the mask, straight toward your eyes and eyeglasses.

The result?
Fog, fog, and more fog!

Fog-Free™ creates a comfortable barrier that fills the gap between the cheek and nose and redirects the air outward towards the side of the mask.

This prevents eyeglasses from fogging.

We have tested to ensure that all face shapes get the most comfortable fit and best deal possible.

Soft natural rubber easily contours to any face shape. One size fits all!
Sturdy, yet pliable: the comfort that’s built to last.
Easy on the skin: Fog-Free™ is 100% hypoallergenic.
Easy on the environment: natural rubber is biodegradable, and all packing materials are recyclable.
Fog-Free™’s flexible design allows it to fit most masks on the market.

Package Includes:

1 SET Fog-Free™ Accessory for masks ( PURPLE*1 +GREEN *1 +GRAY*1 +SKIN COLOR*1 +YELLOW*1)